Show Me the New Nutrition Label ... or Not
In 2016, the FDA announced that the 20+-year-old Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods would be getting a makeover. The new label intends to make it easier for consumers to make informed choices about the foods they eat. Proposed updates include larger type for servings and calories, a new line item for "added sugars," updated serving size requirements, and additional information about the links between diet and chronic diseases (eg, heart disease). Originally expected to be in use by July 2018, the FDA announced earlier this year that the new label rollout is "indefinitely delayed." The FDA explained that the extra time would provide packaged food manufacturers "with the necessary guidance from FDA."
In 2016, the FDA announced that the Nutrition Facts label would be getting a makeover. Updates would include larger type size and more and new information. The update is now indefinitely delayed. Are you for or against an updated Nutrition Facts label?

Last Answered: 2 weeks ago