Should Insurance Companies Cover Breast Augmentation for Transgender Women?
Aetna has agreed to expand its coverage of gender-affirming surgery to include breast augmentation for qualifying transgender women. This revision occurred after the health insurance company collaborated with a civil rights organization, a civil rights law firm, and 4 women who were previously denied coverage to resolve the issue without legal action. Previously viewed as cosmetic by Aetna, breast augmentation will now be acknowledged as a medically necessary procedure that is covered for transgender women who demonstrate persistent gender dysphoria, completion of 1 year of feminizing hormone therapy, and a referral from a qualified mental health professional. While some applaud the move, other major insurers continue to classify the procedure as cosmetic.
Aetna has expanded its coverage to include breast augmentation for transgender women. Some applaud the move, but other major insurers still consider the surgery cosmetic. Are you for or against insurers covering breast augmentation for transgender women?

Last Answered: 13 hours ago