Should There Be a Federal COVID-19 Vaccine Registry?
The CDC is instructing states to share the personal information -- including names, birth dates, ethnicities, and addresses -- of people who receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Using this information, the agency plans to create a federal COVID-19 vaccine registry to ensure that those who move across state lines receive follow-up doses, to track adverse reactions and address safety issues, and to assess the effectiveness of the vaccine among different demographic groups. A handful of states are refusing to share such information, fearing that a federal vaccine registry could violate patient privacy and discourage citizens from being vaccinated.
The CDC is asking states to share personal data of people who get the COVID-19 vaccine to create a federal registry. Some states are refusing, out of concern that the registry could be misused. Are you for or against a federal COVID-19 vaccine registry?

Last Answered: 6 days ago