Should the Editor-in-Chief of JAMA Step Down After Podcast Controversy?
The Editor-in-Chief of JAMA, Dr. Howard Bauchner, has been placed on administrative leave following a controversial podcast episode that denied the existence of structural racism in medicine. While the host of the podcast has already stepped down, the American Medical Association’s Journal Oversight Committee is currently investigating how the podcast and tweet promoting the episode were created, reviewed, and published. Dr. Bauchner issued an apology on Twitter and also recorded an apology that was posted in place of the deleted podcast. However, some say this is not enough, and the editorial staff should be restructured.
The Editor-in-Chief of JAMA has been placed on leave after denying the existence of racism in medicine in a podcast. He issued an apology, but some say this is not enough. Are you for or against Dr. Howard Bauchner resigning as Editor-in-Chief of JAMA?

Last Answered: 2 weeks ago