Should Labs Notify Patients and Doctors When Someone Is Infected With a COVID-19 Variant?
Although COVID-19 variants are rapidly spreading across the United States, federal rules prohibit people working in labs from telling patients or doctors whether someone has been infected with a variant. This is because the tests currently being used to detect variants have not been approved as a diagnostic tool by the FDA or under federal rules governing university labs. Officials representing public health labs have warned the federal government that limiting information about the variants could hinder research and interfere with contact tracing. However, some argue that being infected with a variant does not affect patient care, so there is no need for individuals to know which strain they have.
Federal rules prohibit labs from telling patients or doctors when someone has a COVID-19 variant. Some say this hinders research, but others say there is no need to share this knowledge. Are you for or against sharing information about COVID-19 variants?

Last Answered: 2 weeks ago