Can Anesthesiologists Be Replaced With CRNAs?
When a hospital in Wisconsin replaced all of their anesthesiologists with certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in March, it caused an uproar among physicians. The move, which was made by a private, equity-backed corporation that oversees anesthesiology staffing at the hospital, appears to have been made for financial reasons. Proponents of the decision say that CRNAs are perfectly capable of administering anesthesia without oversight from a physician. However, although replacing anesthesiologists with CRNAs will save the hospital money, many worry that it will be at the cost of patient safety.
A Wisconsin hospital has replaced all of their anesthesiologists with CRNAs. Supporters say that CRNAs do not need physician oversight, but some worry that this will compromise patient safety. Are you for or against replacing anesthesiologists with CRNAs?

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